Introducing Colin MacLeod

Great game design gets funded

Great game design with great coding gets shipped

I’m here to code and ship your game. Just like you want it. 


Are you working on a mobile app or video game and need exceptional talent to make it happen? I can help.


A Certified Unity developer with 25 years’ commercial experience, I craft code to bring your vision to life.

Right here, right now, in Austin, Texas.

Agile practises

As an experienced agile practitioner, I know how to get the most bang for the least time and ceremony.

At Copycat, we believe in getting the job done by using the right tools for the team on hand.
But mostly, we believe in just getting the job done.

Business Oriented

Having cut my teeth as an IT consultant in London and Frankfurt, I know all about the bottom line.

Over the years, I’ve taken several business from startup to serious profits.
I get it. And know how to get you there.

Hey, I know a ton of languages. Really well.

Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind.

– Donald Knuth
Tailor made, made to measure
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Made with Unity - Your game custom-crafted by Copycat

Code is like humor. When you have to explain it, it’s bad.

– Cory House

I’m Unity Certified. Took their exam at Unite Austin October 2017 – and scored 96%.

Unity 		Certified Developer

What’s Happening?


Let’s Do This

Are you working on a game you need to get on track? You have the project but still haven’t got it across the line?

Let’s talk.

Write me. Message me. Email me. Call me.

Your choice, but make it happen and let’s do this thing.

Bit Quirky, LLC
12904 Wells Fargo St
Austin, TX 78737