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Meet the Bit Quirky Team...

Eddie (11): Chief Tester and User Interface Designer

Eddie Loves Computer Games

What better way to help our team than by doing what you love the most,  playing the game!

Eddie is very excited about creating his first real mobile game. While the process can be frustrating he found that taking frequent breaks helps his concentration. 

Valerie (13): Chief Graphics Designer

Valerie Loves to Draw

She draws in the morning, (if she can wake up) - she draws during the day (when she does not study for her school), she draws in the evening (when she is not talking to her friends), and she draws in her sleep (when she is not flying with her imaginary dragons).

Check out these cool avatars, she drew them all. Can you believe it?

Mommy - Magda (Old): Chief Marketing Officer

Mommy Keeps Us All Happy

Mommy is an adventurer too and she is up to almost anything. She loves the idea of her whole family working towards a common goal. Mommy knows that what ever happens down the road, we already won big time. 

She is not afraid to tell the whole world and all who would listen that her family is the best in the world!

Daddy - Colin (Very Old): Chief Coder and Project Manager

Daddy Has Big Dreams

Colin knew from the very first day he wanted to be a business owner who makes it big. He dreams of building his own computer game company that the whole world would follow. 

Now his dreams are finally coming true with the help of his loved ones. 

If you need some help making your own dreams come true, Colin is a gun for hire

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